Las Vegas air conditioning repair company shares warning signs to watch out for when it comes to air conditioning units

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Southern Nevada is bracing for extreme heat, with temperatures hitting 115 degrees this week. Heat can easily cause air conditioners to stop.

Local business “Yes! Air conditioning, ”says a little maintenance will go a long way. Peter Almanza, the manager of “Yes! Air conditioning ”, details the common problems encountered while pointing out the warning signs to watch out for.

Almanza says crews are already inundated with appeals. According to Almanza, many emergencies are due to lack of maintenance in the spring.

“Regularly changing your filters helps improve temperatures in the home,” Almanza said. “If you don’t change, it won’t remove good air from the house, and your system will actually run harder and work harder.”

Some warning signs that your air conditioner may give soon are consistently high electricity bills and the system is taking too long to reach a slightly cooler temperature.

Almanza says it’s important to know the signs, but don’t try to figure them out on your own.

“They have more wires, more controls, more electricity,” Almanza said. “That and the handling of the refrigerant take good care, and having the proper tools and hoses to take care of the unit is probably the most important thing. “

If you are not at home at this time of year, the air conditioning should always be left on, just at a higher temperature; otherwise, it can do more damage, Almanza said.

“Your unit will actually work harder,” Almanza said. “It will run longer, your house will heat higher at a higher indoor temperature, and you will have to use quite a bit of energy to cool that house. “

If you have two air conditioners in your house and only one turns off Yes Air! The conditioning says this will need to be corrected quickly. If left to one company, it will use too much energy and cause more damage resulting in more expensive repairs.

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