Payday loans without checking Credit Bureau?

If you are in the Credit Bureau or any other risk center with a negative rating, it is likely that your loan applications have been rejected, or that the lenders want to offer you a very small amount that does not meet your needs.

But do not despair, there are always other alternatives to get the payday loan you need, ie payday loans without checking Bureau.

Simply appearing on the Bureau is not a negative thing; It is a problem when you figure with a bad score, either because you have an unpaid debt or because you acted as guarantor for a friend or relative and he did not pay his debt on time.

What loan options do you have while in the Credit Bureau?

What loan options do you have while in the Credit Bureau?

A few years ago, you wouldn’t have been lucky. However, given the increasing number of people who appear with negative records in the Bureau, urgent loan offers have been created for those in that situation.

Loan with guarantee without consulting Credit Bureau

The most likely option is to leave some property under warranty. This means that if you have, for example a house or other property, you deliver it as collateral for your loan.

There are also lenders who deliver money as collateral for a vehicle; but the amount is smaller since the value of this guarantee is less than that of a property.

As the loans with collateral have this guarantee, the lender is usually not worried about checking the Credit Bureau because, in case of default, you can appropriate the property.

Loan via payroll (without property or guarantee) while in the Bureau

Loan via payroll (without property or guarantee) while in the Bureau

If you do not have the possibility of using a guarantee or other type of collateral, something that can help you is to use your payroll to secure the payment to the lender.

This way they probably don’t care if you are in the Credit Bureau because they will charge debiting from your bank account at the time you receive your salary.

Not all payroll loans accept people with poor credit scores in the Credit Bureau, ask before.

Credits without bureau or guarantee

Credits without bureau or guarantee

If you are in the Bureau and cannot use a guarantee and you cannot use your payroll, one option is to request a microcredit.

Keep in mind that these loans are low amounts, but it is an option that may be useful. In addition, they are usually fast or immediate.

Not all microcredits allow you to be in the Credit Bureau, so read the conditions to avoid wasting time.

Some lenders offer mini-loans to people who are in the Bureau but charge higher interest for that risk, so ask the interest rate.