A Phoenix-based air conditioning service company is now offering discounts on Rheem-brand air conditioners

Rheem is Top Rated Air Conditioning Equipment in Phoenix Arizona

Air Care Cooling & Heating, an air conditioning installation and service specialist based in Phoenix, Arizona, has partnered with Rheem. Rheem is a leading heating and cooling manufacturing company, and its products are known for their durability and affordability. Rheem is now working with Air Care Cooling & Heating to offer an instant rebate of up to $1200 depending on product selected. Air Care Cooling & Heating and Rheem are extending this limited time offer to new and existing customers in the Phoenix and Mesa areas.

Air Care Cooling & Heating offers a wide selection of air conditioning systems and always strives to provide its customers with the best possible equipment at the best possible price. Rheem was a natural fit for Air Care Cooling & Heating to work with to deliver the instant rebate. Rheem has built a solid reputation over 85 years. With a focus on environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, Rheem delivers incredible value and keeps homes and businesses comfortable even in the extremes of Arizona. Air Care’s AC office in Phoenix handles all rebates but still provides service to Mesa AZ. Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Scottsdale AZ and Tempe AZ

Air conditioning problems and major repairs may be needed after years of harsh weather and especially with triple digit heat. Sometimes these failures leave an air conditioning system simply unable to keep up with and maintain cool temperatures in the home. These issues are leading many consumers to look to replace their existing systems with more efficient and durable air conditioning units that will provide long-lasting temperature control and help reduce energy costs. These new systems can prove to be a high initial cost, even with their overall improvement in energy efficiency. Rheem air conditioners, however, are better at regulating indoor temperatures at a lower cost to utility bills. This means that systems such as Rheem air conditioning units will pay for themselves in no time.

When customers decide to replace a failing air conditioner, it is best to install the system before the onset of summer to avoid any potential problems during the hottest summer months in Arizona. Customers should be sure to meet with one of Air Care Cooling & Heating’s HVAC technicians regarding any faults in their old system prior to the installation of their new air conditioning system. Sometimes a deteriorated air conditioning unit can put a strain on the entire home system, causing damage and leading to necessary repairs. To ensure that a new Rheem air conditioning unit will operate at peak efficiency, the entire home air conditioning system must be primed and working properly, helping the new unit perform properly for years to come.

Recognized for unbeatable customer service by Angie’s List and professional, prompt installations, Air Care Cooling & Heating is offering incredible discounts on top of discounts on select Phoenix Rheem air conditioning systems to better serve their Phoenix area customers with air conditioning from high quality. units at prices that simply cannot be missed.

Rheem Instant Rebates are available on select systems purchased before July 15th. The instant rebate value varies depending on the system purchased. For more details on the Rheem Rebate, speak to one of the Air Care Cooling & Heating representatives.

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