Air conditioning repair calls increase due to heat

QUINCY (WGEM) – Summer is coming to an end, but the heat persists.

Air conditioning repair companies are getting more calls than usual this time of year.

“Some customers are shocked that they even have to run their air conditioning unit at this time of year and the fact that it fails is even more shocking to them,” said Heating and Air Conditioning Service Technician Will Robinson. of Peter.

With temperatures reaching the 90s, air conditioners are running harder than needed for late September.

At the end of the season, homeowners aren’t used to calling about their air conditioners.

“This time of year we usually do furnace checks and prepare for the fall season,” Robinson said. “It’s very rare to get that kind of heat and it’s a bit difficult for electrical devices like capacitors and units.”

Robinson said common problems they have encountered are dirty air filters and failing capacitors. These basic repairs can cost between $200 and $500.

Robinson said you can do these things to keep your AC unit from breaking:

  • Check your air filter every month and change it if necessary.
  • Adjust your thermostat statistic and don’t change it frequently.
  • Keep your outdoor unit clean.

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