Air conditioning repair delays leave Chico residents in the heat | Local

CHICO, Calif. – Local air conditioning repair company Bob’s Air Repair is facing supply chain delays, telling customers it can take up to a week to get some parts.

Connie Klawitter is a Chico resident who said she was without air conditioning in her home for five days. She had over six fans running at once. Royal Aire just came out today to fix it but her husband is disabled and can’t walk. She says it was hard to get along without the air.

“Oh, that’s miserable. You don’t sleep, you don’t cook because you don’t want heat,” Klawitter said. “We brought a lot of meals, so it’s miserable.”

Edward Quezada has been a Royal Aire employee for 18 years.

“That’s an average of five days at most,” Quezada said of the response time for repairs. “Sometimes we take care of it straight away as long as they let us know as soon as possible. Sometimes certain approvals have to go through the office and get the necessary parts. »

Klawitter now has full control of the air in her home again, but says it has reached 100 degrees in recent days.

According to Royal Aire, checking your AC machine’s filters and thermostat batteries are ways to make sure your air is working properly.

HVAC companies also say you shouldn’t open your windows during the day right now. Royal Aire says that with these high temperatures it will only heat up your home no matter what the breeze.

Chico’s HVAC companies say systems over 16 years old give them the most trouble. Refrigerant is not always an easy fix with these, so sometimes long delays occur with them.