Chandler, Arizona, air conditioning repair company providing Aeroseal with every air conditioning unit purchase

The best way to save money on the cost of air conditioning in Chandler, Arizona

Air Care, based in Chandler, Arizona, is providing unbeatable service, revolutionary Aeroseal duct sealing technology, with the purchase of a new air conditioning unit. This offer applies to all new air conditioning units purchased and installed by Air Care for a limited time. Air Care is an Aeroseal Authorized Service Provider.

Aeroseal is a newer technology that helps contain and reduce energy costs by sealing leaking air ducts. A new energy efficient air conditioning unit is important to extracting hot air without increasing costs, but it is also important to ensure that the air ducts are properly sealed. Leaking air ducts put stress on the entire HVAC system, with about 30% of the cost of heating and cooling your home disappearing into the air around the ducts. Leaking air ducts can also introduce excess mold and dust into the home, worsening allergies while increasing energy costs.

Aeroseal in Arizona helps find HVAC duct leaks in homes and businesses. Using Aeroseal software to examine leaks and problems with ducts, Aeroseal technicians can accurately measure any duct leaks, identify problem areas, and then close them with a patented sealant that only sticks to areas where the leakage occurs. air escapes from the ducts. Air Care uses the Aeroseal method because it provides one of the most efficient methods for measuring and sealing leaks in ducts, reducing energy waste.

Air Care prefers the Aeroseal method of checking for leaks in ducts, as it is the most advanced and simple method of sealing leaking ducts. Sealing the ductwork will allow the air conditioner and insulation to work properly together to provide a comfortable home while reducing cooling costs. Energy efficiency is essential for any modern air conditioning system, and efficiency includes not only the unit itself, but the entire system throughout the house. Aeroseal will not only help with a home’s current HVAC system, but it will also help a new unit achieve its optimum working conditions.

Now is the time to buy and have a new air conditioning unit installed. Air Care recommends that all potential customers looking to reduce their own heating and cooling costs replace their old systems with a more energy efficient one, which helps them lower their monthly bills and provide a more comfortable home throughout the year. ‘year. As the hot summer in Chandler, Arizona approaches, the purchase of a new air conditioning unit will allow Air Care certified technicians to properly install and calibrate air conditioning units with the home HVAC system and commercial customers. They provide Aeroseal service with every new unit purchase to help customers fully prepare for the hot summers of Chandler, Arizona, and lower their personal energy costs. Air Care has two main offices, one for Aeroseal and Air Conditioning in Chandler, AZ. The other only provides air conditioning service to Phoenix AZ.

More information on Aeroseal and new air conditioning units, including current discounts, can be obtained from any of Air Care’s sales representatives or their Air Conditioning in Arizona news page.

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