Delayed air conditioning repair at Edmond Seniors’ Living Complex causes stress among residents

Residents of a self-catering seniors’ residence complex in Edmond said they struggled to stay cool, going weeks without air conditioning.

Renée Bernard, pastor at the Edmond Church of God, is fed up.

“We’ve been dealing with it since June 8,” Bernard said.

Window units were installed in Creekside Village apartments where the HVAC system came out in early June.

“There are 10 on this property, there are (sic) 84 apartments,” Bernard said. “As a percentage, it’s more than 10 percent.”

Bernard is now doing his own investigation of the problem.

One of Bernard’s parishioners told him they were struggling with the conditions at Creekside, unable to get timely relief.

Some residents decided to keep their lights off.

Resident Karen Dwyer said she was still sleeping in her living room chair. Although she wanted to sleep in her room, she said she couldn’t because of the heat.

“It’s too hot in there,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer has a window unit running in his living room.

Bernard looked up the model of the air conditioning unit. It is designed to cool 150 square feet. A typical Creekside apartment, however, ranges between 800 and 1,000 square feet.

The temperature was nearly 80 degrees inside Dwyer’s apartment.

“What his daughter-in-law is feeling is kind of warm,” Bernard said.

“I have to run my fan all the time to keep it cool here,” Dwyer said.

Bernard tries to help the elderly in Creekside. This is an income and age restricted resort.

Fran Hastings said she had had heating and air conditioning issues at Creekside for the past 18 months. More recently, she lost her air conditioning.

“They’ve all been good enough to get mine fixed,” Hastings said. “But the heat, I was getting a little unsettled about it. But they brought the window unit.

Hastings said the window unit was enough to cool her apartment.

“It’s been about three weeks since I had a good air conditioner,” Hastings said.

Residents take care of each other.

“I complain about Karen (Dwyer) all the time because, bless her heart, she’s so hot,” Hastings said.

Another resident, Penny Brownlow, said she couldn’t even use the window because of her asthma and allergies. His HVAC has been down for a month.

“I’m just tired of fighting,” Brownlow said.

Brownlow was in the hospital this week for dehydration. His normal voice has not returned.

“If Renee wasn’t fighting for me, I don’t know what I would do because they ignore people like us,” Brownlow said.

Brownlow spends his days in his bedroom where Bernard has installed a filtered standing air conditioning unit.

“She rents an entire apartment but only uses a quarter of it and has to pay full rent,” Bernard said.

News 9 has contacted Creekside Village Apartments for comment but has not received a response.