Empower Energy Solutions is the World’s Largest District Cooling Service Provider, Announced in Dubai DOOH | INSITE OOH multimedia platform

Empower Energy Solutions debuted in Dubai with a new OOH campaign, taking over public administration. Empower was founded with the intention of bringing world-class district cooling services to Dubai and surrounding areas. Empower is committed to meeting critical customer demands while building its unique skill set.

District Cooling Services (DCS) have been widely adopted and implemented in the region due to the growing attention to energy efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solutions. DCS is the most popular and eco-efficient alternative to conventional air conditioning service delivery systems.

The digital billboards have announced that their “public offering in the UAE” will have “subscriptions open to eligible retail investors on October 31, 2022”. They proudly add “sustainable solutions that help refresh the world’s most luxurious hotel”, in reference to the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah hotel featured in the visuals. Empower provides Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel with 11,000 RT. The opulent Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is the third tallest hotel in the world and “the only 7-star hotel in the world”. One of the most recognizable man-made structures in the world, according to many.

The new campaign hit digital screens in Dubai in the fourth week of October.