Enter the famous premium air conditioning system brand in the United States and discover the history of AirStow

AirStow launches a premium air conditioning system.

Established in 1989, AirStow is located at 2020 Evel Street, Davis City, California, USA. It is a brand of high-end air conditioning systems in the western region of the United States and a designated support product for Irvine, a leading real estate project in the United States. For more than 30 years, AirStow has been committed to the development and production of high-level residential air conditioning systems and won unanimous praise from industry and users.

Air conditioning systems have been widely used overseas

The air conditioning system is actually the home air conditioning system, owned by almost every household in the United States. Many real estate developers in the United States designed the air duct of the air conditioning system at the beginning of real estate development, which can not only ensure the beauty of the house, but also keep the air in the house at a constant temperature. . , humidity, oxygen and cleanliness all year round. The design ensures the maximum health needs of users in the indoor environment.

What is an air conditioning system?

What exactly is air conditioning? I would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge. The air conditioning system is an indoor climate ecosystem that is operated by a combination of several modules. Through the indoor air ducts, the system can transmit the corresponding cold and heat load and the air flow exchange of the corresponding humidity and cleanliness.

The question is: what type of indoor air is healthy? Healthy indoor air requires several essential qualities:

(1) Temperature: Body feeling is most sensitive to temperature, and temperature is also the main function of current air conditioning (air conditioner).

(2) Humidity: Body feeling is very sensitive to humidity, especially in cloudy and rainy days, rainy seasons, etc.

(3) Cleanliness: The content of subtle invisible substances such as hair, pollen, lampblack, PM2.5, etc., is very harmful to the lungs;

(4) Oxygen: the percentage of oxygen in the air

(5) Health: The air contains bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOCs and other toxic and harmful gases, which will seriously harm human health.

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