Ferrari patents air conditioning system capable of detecting body temperature

Ferrari has patented an advanced air conditioning system that uses on-board sensors to optimize temperature, according to a patent application spotted by ferrari296forum users.

The patent application describes the use of thermal imaging cameras to measure the temperature of different parts of the interior, as well as the body temperature of the occupants. It can even take into account a person’s gender, body shape and clothing, according to the document.

This information is used to determine the direction, circulation and temperature of the air flow, allowing the system to automatically adjust to keep everyone comfortable.

Patented image of Ferrari’s advanced air conditioning system

Automakers often patent new technologies without fully intending to use them, so there is no guarantee that this smart air conditioning system will make them a future Ferrari. If so, it might come in handy on hot track days, however.

Instead of the typical low-slung sports car, Ferrari’s patent images also depict a vehicle more like an SUV, or at least a sedan with a back seat. Ferrari has the Purosangue SUV on the road, but it might be best not to read too much of it. Images like this are generally generic and are not intended to represent a specific vehicle. Still, a feature like this would be appropriate for what is likely to be one of the most luxurious vehicles in the Ferrari lineup.

We expect the Purosangue to debut in 2022, which means it will likely go on sale as a 2023 model. It is one of several models Ferrari will be showing by the end of 2022. , as well as a successor to the LaFerrari hybrid, which may already be in testing. Beyond this period, Ferrari’s first all-electric car scheduled for around 2025 will also be an SUV, possibly a variant of the Purosangue.

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