First big thing: 1 hour AC service window in 100 degree heat

You can schedule the billyGO air conditioning service at any time of the day or night without calling. You set the day and the one-hour service window so you don’t have to wait all day.

  • By the numbers: The DFW zone has more than three months of days above 90 degrees each year, or about 106 days in total. This is when air conditioners have problems, especially older ones.

Why is this important: HVAC companies get maximum emergency repair calls. Many people wait days for service, but you can schedule your own appointment with a one-hour service window using billyGO’s patent-pending smart scheduler.

  • Automated planning: billyGO was created from the ground up using proprietary software to plan, dispatch and manage our business operations. You book your appointments yourself at any time of the day or night and get immediate confirmation by SMS or e-mail.

Quick and easy: Just follow the Smart Planner’s instructions to describe the problem (you can also upload photos). It only takes a minute or two.

Advanced Simplicity: The smart scheduler assigns and notifies the right technician for the job through our tech app. Your appointment and position status are immediately displayed on our management dashboard so our staff know what’s going on at all times.

Rollback: The old method of scheduling over the phone takes longer and increases the chance of error due to poor route management, language differences or missed messages. Even worse, some competitors that offer online appointments have an 8 hour service window. You could wait all day!

BillyGO’s smart planner saves you time and gives you a one hour service window, so you book the best time for your schedule or in some emergencies within the hour. Then track your technician’s location and arrival time on the billyGO customer hub.

What they say : Customer reviews of billyGO on Google average 4.9 out of 5, including this one:

An innovative and extremely convenient way to schedule and track plumbing and air conditioning appointments using their smartphone app or website. They took away all the hassle I had come to know and wait for when I needed repairs.– Gary Gage

Schedule AC tune-ups now

Use the smart planner to set the day and time for your AC spring tune-up if you haven’t done so yet.

  • Air conditioners run hard for hours both during the Southlake summer heat, causing wear and tear.

Why is this important: Your air conditioner needs to be in good working order to keep you cool without interruption. We inspect and clean interior and exterior central AC components for dirt, loose connections, leaks, and other things that could cause failure.

  • Your air conditioner will work better, last longer and cost less to operate when we tune it as close to original factory settings as its age and condition will allow. Most manufacturers require annual maintenance on equipment still under warranty.

An ounce of prevention: One of the most common problems we encounter when making AC adjustments is a weak or failing electrical capacitor. A bad capacitor can cause compressor failure. Capacitors cost a small fraction of the price of compressors, but you wouldn’t know anything about the capacitor if you didn’t get a tune. Schedule your AC tune-up now.

Best value: Our average customer has two or three central air conditioning systems. Instead of paying a separate price for each air conditioning system in the spring (and again in the fall for furnaces), we highly recommend billyGO NOW!, our unrivaled membership service plan.

  • A one-year subscription is only $99 and covers air conditioning and furnace tune-ups on ALL central HVAC systems in your home. You also get a plumbing inspection, VIP priority service, no shipping costs and much more. Get billyGO NOW! here or from your technician.

Parting thought: Our smart planner was designed to put you in control of your time, not us. It saves time by making it quick and convenient to use, whether you’re planning emergency service or routine maintenance.

by Adam Mennenga and Jeff Sims

April 29, 2022

3:06 p.m.