Fnac Darty was ranked in the best “Advanced” category (A1+) by Moody’s ESG Solutions, with a score of 61/100, an increase of +7 points and now ranks fifth in its sector and among the top 5% worldwide

Fnac Darty was ranked in the first “Advanced” category (A1+) by Moody’s ESG Solutions, with a score of 61/100, an increase of +7 points and is now ranked fifth in its sector1 and among the top 5% in the world2

  • The ESG assessment improves in each component E, S and G with a strong increase in the social pillar (+9 points against 2021)
  • With a score well above the European sector average of 37/100, Fnac Darty ranks fifth out of 76 companies in its sector1up three places year-on-year
  • Improved transparency of extra-financial information reported, up +3 points year-on-year per year at 98%, well above the sector1 69% average

Following the ESG and Sustainable Development rating carried out by Moody’s ESG Solutions, Fnac Darty is positioned for the first time in the first “Advanced” category (A1+) with an ESG score of 61/100, a significant increase of +17 points in three years, placing the Group in the top 5% worldwide2. This performance reflects the positive results of the actions carried out as part of the Group’s ambitious CSR policy and highlights Fnac Darty’s environmental, social, ethical and governance commitments, pillars of its Everyday strategic plan.

Enrique Martinez, CEO of Fnac Darty, said: “This assessment is further recognition of the soundness and performance of our Everyday strategic plan, which will ultimately enable Fnac Darty to embody the new standards of the distribution sector geared towards sustainable and responsible consumption. This rating is also an encouragement for the teams involved in the deployment of our CSR policies, which rely on decentralized governance that demonstrates its relevance.”

This year, Moody’s ESG Solutions particularly valued:

  • Fnac Darty’s reinforced commitment to the fight against discrimination

In this respect, in March 2021, Fnac Darty signed its first agreement on the Quality of Life at Work, which applies to all employees and notably contains new measures for employees recognized as “disabled workers”, the fight against discrimination and professional equality. The Group also signed the Diversity Charter in 2021, which extends and strengthens the actions already implemented in the Group’s diversity policy. An internal corporate network dedicated to gender parity, cross-cutting and open to all Group businesses, was also created in 2021 to promote the rise in responsibility of women. Lastly, the Group also signed the LGBT+ charter last September, which aims to create a respectful, inclusive and professionally fulfilling environment for LGBT+ people and for all Fnac Darty employees, in all their diversity.

  • The implementation of state-of-the-art measures to increase product life

An essential pillar of its Everyday strategic plan, Fnac Darty aims to be a major player in the circular economy and a promoter of extending the lifespan of products. To achieve this, the Group continued to roll out Darty Max, its subscription repair service. This service now covers all household equipment through its three offers and is available in all Fnac and Darty own stores, as well as on the Group’s e-commerce sites. Finally, since 2022, a preventive maintenance video service has been offered to Darty Max subscribers to help them identify products at risk, maintain them better and prevent breakdowns. This service thus promotes repair rather than replacement by extending the life of the products. Over 1.9 million products have been repaired since the start of the year. In addition, Fnac Darty has changed its After-Sales Service Barometer, the fifth edition of which was published last September to integrate the price of spare parts, which can be a major obstacle to repairs. This reference consumer information source allows consumers to know the repairability and reliability of hundreds of products thanks to their durability score, and allows them to compare all product categories and brands. This consumer awareness indirectly leads to a change in the way suppliers design their products, resulting in particular in an increase in the availability of spare parts by seven months on average. In addition, the Group’s more durable product offering has improved the reliability of the products analyzed by +7 points on average over one year, for large household appliances.

  • Fnac Darty’s targeted efforts to limit the environmental impact of products

In 2021, Fnac Darty launched “informed deliverywhich allows consumers to estimate the environmental impact of the different delivery methods when shopping online, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the Group’s e-commerce activities. Furthermore, Fnac Darty is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities, in particular greenhouse gas emissions, whether directly generated by its activities or indirectly generated by the products distributed by its brands or the travel of its employees and customers. The Group aims to halve its most direct CO emissions2 (scope 1 and 2) by 2030 compared to 2019, and has also defined scope 3 CO2 emission reduction targets, which will be approved by the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative) at the end of the year. In addition, Fnac Darty announced on July 25 its adherence to the protocol of distribution operators aimed at reducing the energy consumption of stores, in line with the energy efficiency objectives set by the French government. To do this, a series of actions have been implemented to reduce the Group’s energy consumption, such as the deployment of centralized technical management systems (GTC), LED lighting, energy-saving heating and air conditioning systems. in energy.

Finally, compared to 2021, Fnac Darty achieved an increase of more than 5 points in the governance pillar, for which it has always been considered the leader in its sector. This performance is notably the result of decentralized CSR management, with CSR correspondents appointed in each department to define and manage the CSR roadmaps of the departments and countries and to monitor progress in relation to the objectives defined. In addition, the existence of specialized committees (in particular CSR committee, climate committee, sustainable development committee and circular economy committee), sponsored by the members of the Executive Committee, makes it possible to guarantee the reporting of these specific subjects to the highest level of the company.

To find out more about the CSR strategy and the initiatives launched by the Group, read our CSR report 2021-2022 and our Declaration of extra-financial performance 2021.

About Fnac Darty
Present in thirteen countries, Fnac Darty is a European leader in the distribution of entertainment and leisure products, consumer electronics and household appliances. The Group, which has more than 25,000 employees, has a multi-format network of 971 stores at the end of June 2022, and is positioned as a major player in e-commerce in France (more than 27 million unique visitors per month) with its three retail sites, fnac.com, darty.com and natureetdecouvertes.com. A leading omnichannel player, Fnac Darty generated revenue of more than €8 billion in 2021, of which 26% was generated online.
For more information, please visit: https://www.fnacdarty.com/fr/

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1 European specialist distribution sector as defined by Moody’s ESG Solutions.
2 Ranking which includes 4,908 companies