Here’s how much it costs to service and maintain a BMW 5 Series E39 today

Most historians agree that 1989 was a pivotal year. This is the year that will go down in history with the “1989 revolutions” and the fall of the Berlin Wall, which marked the end of the Cold War. It was also the year the first commercial internet service providers emerged and cars like the Vector W8 and Ginetta G32 came onto the scene. And for BMW enthusiasts, 1989 marks the year the German automaker began work on a successor to the E34. The development of this car ended in 1995 when BMW launched the E39 in Frankfurt Motor Show.

The E39 was equipped with curtain airbags, which were revolutionary in the late 90s. Standard features of the original models also included air conditioning, power steering, dual front and side airbags, and anti-lock brakes. The public and industry pundits went crazy over the E39 and many still consider the BMW E39 the best sports sedan ever built. To be fair, it’s not hard to see why, given the durability and reliability of this vehicle, so for those interested in this car, here’s how much it costs to service and maintain a BMW E39 today.

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The BMW 5 Series E39 has excellent customer reviews

BMW E39 540i 2000
Via the BMW Guide

On Edmunds, the 2003 model year has a score of 4.8 out of 5, with 88% of consumers giving it 5 stars and only 2% giving it one star. The reliability and durability of this car impressed buyers the most, but they also praised the cabin comfort, safety features and on-board technology. One user even said that automakers don’t build cars like this anymore, while another mentioned that his BMW is “still going great” despite having 168,000 miles on the odometer. As for the negative feedback, two users gave the E39 a 1 star rating, one complaining about the headlight system and the other a cracked radiator, oil leaks, problems with the torque converter and the window regulators.

On, the 2003 BMW 530 has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0, with owners giving it 4.9 points for performance and 4.2 for reliability. Even here, some users say this BMW model was the best car they’ve ever owned, while others point out that it’s a “great car for cruising and commuting”, which has ” excellent value for money”. The lowest score found on is 3.0 and is from 2010. The user says the BMW 530i has a “great engine”, which delivers “solid performance”. He also raves about the handling and cornering, but says he’s disappointed with the reliability. “It only has 70,000 on the clock and regularly sits in the store for one thing or another, and every time it costs $1-2,000,” says the BMW E39 owner.

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Here’s how much it would cost to maintain the sports sedan

2001 BMW 5 Series E39
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Most E39 reviews are positive, despite the occasional bad review. For most buyers, the E39 still has fantastic value, despite its advanced age. Buyers should not worry about repair and maintenance costs, as long as they take care of their car and keep it in top condition. It’s important to note that even the 2003 model year is approaching its 20th anniversary, so will require some maintenance. However, since these cars are already selling for as low as $3,700, buyers can discover bargain prices, which outweigh the repair costs.

In a 2017 post on the Bimmerfest forum, owners have provided feedback regarding maintenance and repair costs. For example, a driver who owned a 2000 BMW 540i Sport with 114,000 on the clock said he paid $6,000 for the car, $2,800 for basic repairs, and an additional $300 for vehicle-specific repairs. ‘E39. E39-specific repairs include a new heater hose, lock actuator, headlight adjusters and wiper control module. Another owner who bought a 2001 BMW 540i said he did most of the maintenance himself; thus, the annual repair cost is only $300. An older 1998 model, purchased with 143,000 miles on the odometer for $4,300 also had annual repair costs of $300, but the owner paid $4,150 for E39-specific repairs, which include a new cooling system, front and rear suspension revisions and cylinder head rebuild.

Meanwhile, repair friend establishes that the annual repair, service and maintenance costs for a BMW 540i are $798. However, the age, mileage and location of the mechanic shop have an impact on the costs. According repair friend, a coolant change can cost between $275 and $293, while a fuel filter replacement costs between $203 and $252. Meanwhile, window regulator motor replacement costs between $395 and $529 and knock sensor replacement is the most expensive repair, with prices ranging from $617 to $760.

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