High temperatures lead to increased HVAC service calls

TEXARKANA — With recent temperatures approaching 100, HVAC issues are increasing with mercury.

Neil Gerrald, owner of Air Now Heating and Conditioning, said business had doubled this summer compared to last summer.

“Any time the temperature rises above 90, business increases,” he said.

The main problem is repairs, most of which are maintenance-related.

“That means there are customers who don’t know these units need to be serviced, and once we start to see those temperatures go up, problems start to show up,” Gerrald said.

The two major problems Gerrald sees are blown capacitors and low refrigerant systems.

“Maintenance is the big issue here. If you don’t get these units serviced at least once or even twice a year, you’re definitely going to run into issues during those 100 degree temperatures.”

Gerrald has learned from previous summers and makes sure there are enough staff in the warmer months.

Air Now handles an average of around 30 calls per day for HVAC repairs, sometimes exceeding around 150 calls per week.

The most important preventative measure that can be taken during the summer is to wash outdoor condensers once or twice a week, Gerrald said.

“It keeps dirt and debris out. You can also pour vinegar or bleach down the drain system, and it will kill any sludge.”

“These units are currently trying to remove a lot of moisture from the air, and this drain line is working overtime trying to keep up with it so it doesn’t get backed up. It can damage your ceiling, floors, carpet, or something like that. “

Other helpful tips include checking and changing the air filter, inspecting ducts and vents, topping up refrigerant levels, and keeping vents clear.