HMS presents communication solutions for BESS

HMS Networks now introduces several communication solutions for the growing battery market

Network gateways from HMS are ideal for use in BESS. (Image source: HMS)

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) require communication skills to connect to batteries and peripheral components, communicate with the power grid, monitor systems remotely and much more. BESS can be one of the keys to solving the energy crisis and making the world more sustainable. Since green energy sources such as wind and solar are not always available, large battery banks can be used to store energy to be used when there is less sun or wind.

BESSs consist of battery cells that are combined into battery packs. They are then grouped together in containers and can form battery banks the size of several football pitches. Systems can use new or recycled batteries and combine many different components. However, these large battery banks require a lot of communication capabilities to operate. HMS now presents a complete set of communication solutions suitable for this field of application.

Since the battery market is dominated by automobile industry, CAN is the communication standard of choice in many systems. Here, HMS offers an extensive portfolio of communications solution through the Ixxat brand for PC connection, networking, line extension, galvanic isolation and more. In networks, the protection of components is crucial, both against external sources (such as lightning) and against system problems (AC/DC noise). BESS often combines a variety of different equipment from different industries within a single application – batteries, BMS, PLCs, fire detection units or air conditioning. CAN, Modbus, BACnet, KNX and other protocols can be easily linked via smart gateways from HMS, which handle the all-important data exchange while allowing centralized control.

SG gateways allow centralized control as well as remote access for predictive maintenance, logging or data visualization using the i4SCADA Solution of the company belonging to HMS WEBfactory. SG Gateways also provide cyber security features, such as firewall, OpenVPN, TLS encryption and user management. These protective measures are essential to guard against cyber attacks.

“We are seeing rapid growth in demand for communication solutions in battery energy storage systems as society as a whole shifts to more sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar,” said Alexander Hess, general manager of the HMS Ixxat business unit. “Communication is necessary for BESS systems to work and HMS offers an extensive portfolio of industrial communication solutions to solve the communication problems encountered in these systems.”