Integrated HVACD solutions for cannabis cultivation

The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly. As more states legalize cannabis, the stigma attached to this horticultural specialty is receding, and a diverse mix of people are finding tremendous market potential and growth in the product. Adrian Giovanni, Founder & CEO of InSpire sweat solutionssat down with the duo Straight Outta Crumpton, Tyler Kern and Greg Crumptonto share the evolution of the industry and the innovations his company is bringing to cannabis through integrated HVACD solutions.

Giovenco said it is a joy to serve the cannabis industry, and there are many innovations coming into the space. “What we do every day at InSpire is try to help push the boundaries of commercial and industrial growing, and drying and curing in particular. Environmental control is so paramount to their overall success.

Climate control of the grow space is the name of the game in today’s cannabis market. The VPD, vapor pressure deficit, or differential between the inside and outside of the leaf will help promote healthy plant growth. Integrated HVACD systems help achieve grower goals, making commercialization possible.

Commercial HVAC applications maintain and protect critical environments, so it’s no surprise that integrating these types of solutions is well suited to a product that relies on perfect growing conditions. And while the use of HVAC methods in commercial cannabis cultivation is a relatively new endeavor, Giovenco likes his company to be involved in driving game-changing change for the industry.

“There are so many different ways to find the best solution, and it’s hard to say one way is better than another,” Giovenco said. “It will take time to find the best ways to meet this challenge. One of our guys, Jessie, coined the phrase HVACD, which is a bit of an oxymoron in the air conditioning world because one of the main methods of air conditioning is dehumidification. In the cannabis industry, having a system that cools and dehumidifies means increasing control.

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