My Solar Solutions Offers Solar Battery Backup Amid California Energy Crisis

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/September 29, 2022/ In early September, California suffered one of the most intense heat waves in state history, with scorching temperatures hitting triple digits for more than a week in a row. In Southern California, soaring temperatures led to increased fire risk, health crises for at-risk populations, and a reliance on electricity — especially air conditioning — that threatened to overload the power grid.

California officials issued warnings throughout the week, asking consumers to limit their energy use. However, with temperatures rarely dropping below 80 degrees at night, there was little consumers could do to handle the unprecedented heat. As a result, state officials have been forced to use power outages to manage the spike in usage — a last-ditch technique Californians have experienced before.

With temperatures set to rise again – and each summer seeming to bring temperatures hotter than ever – My solar solutions helps homeowners weather the energy crisis and brutal heat waves, providing the answer that helps California residents stay safe and live comfortably without paying a premium to their utility company.

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My Solar Solutions has introduced new solar solutions in recent months that will serve homeowners throughout California. They are one of the few solar brokers specializing in battery backup – an energy solution that requires specific certifications and experience. By using a battery backup on their existing solar unit, homeowners can reliably run their air conditioners throughout the hot summer months without overloading the power grid. It’s a solution that not only benefits the immediate consumer, but also experienced users across the state.

Their backup battery solution is designed to help homeowners avoid outages in the event of an extreme power crisis. It also delivers critical cost savings to consumers – helping them avoid peak energy times when rates increase. For residents who want to save big on their energy bills while enduring the summer heat, My Solar Solutions can design the answer.

Solar batteries store energy produced during peak sunlight hours, providing homeowners with a “power bank” to draw from at night, in bad weather, and during peak hours. They offer greater energy independence while allowing consumers to separate their own energy consumption from that of the electricity grid.

California has experienced historic heat waves in the recent past, and temperatures show no signs of dropping in the future. Before the next energy emergency, My Solar Solutions recommends homeowners research the right solar unit for their property. With years of industry experience and expertise, My Solar Solutions can custom design a solar solution for every homeowner, providing clean power, backup systems and immense cost savings even during peak times. hottest of the year.

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