North Judson-San Pierre air conditioning repair bill exceeds $ 200,000 – WKVI information center

A repaired part is brought back to the mechanical room for installation.

Recent air conditioning repairs cost the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation over $ 200,000. The school board last week ratified emergency chiller repairs undertaken by Johnson Controls.

“They don’t come cheap,” noted Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupine. ” We are lucky ; we had the funds. We have the funds, so that part is lucky. “

Almost $ 117,000 of that was for repairs at the junior / high school, where the air conditioning failure forced the school to switch to online learning for several days. But the school corporation is also spending more than $ 83,000 on repairs to the old college.

“There was a purge unit that needed to be replaced, and then the cooling towers are old,” Zupin explained. “So it works, but we have to fix them so that we don’t have a problem. I think we got worried; we didn’t want the same to happen in college.

The school board also renewed a chiller maintenance contract with Johnson Controls for the two buildings. It will run until the end of 2022 at a cost of nearly $ 18,000.

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