P1 Service Group announces partnership with Essig Plumbing & Heating

New Partnership Expands P1 Service Group Operations in the Mid-Atlantic Region

CHICAGO, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — P1 Service Group, a leading growth partner providing world-class resources to its partner home service businesses across the country, today announced its partnership with Essig Plumbing & Heating of Reading, Pennsylvaniaextending its reach to the Mid-Atlantic region.

Since opening its doors in 1938, Nexstar member Essig Plumbing & Heating has remained a trusted name in Eastern Pennsylvania for HVAC service and plumbing repairs by dispatching the right person for the job required, providing exceptional service and providing ongoing training to their team.

P1 Service Group’s partnership with Essig Plumbing & Heating has enabled Essig to better serve more homeowners across the While reading, Berks Countyand Lehigh County uninterrupted and has allowed the company to remain a third generation family business.

“Our partnership with Essig is a perfect example of what P1 Service Group is all about,” said P1 CEO Jeff Belk. “Our mission is to value people first and improve the lives of home service business owners and their team members. We believe that when we care about people first, success follows. “

When Essig Plumbing & Heating President Steve Essig began his journey to find a reputable organization that would not only help his business grow, but also accommodate and support the needs of his team members, he felt frustrated. He said that many of the potential partners he met only cared about the financial aspect and not about the people who worked for him.

But, with P1 Service Group, his experience was different. In making its decision, Essig recognizes the vision and philosophy of the P1 management team to serve HVAC, plumbing and electrical businesses as a true partner that advises, provides coaching, supports training and genuinely seeks to create a better experience for all employees.

“I wasn’t looking for acquisition, I was looking for a real partner and I found that in P1 Service Group,” Essig said. “Their commitment to standing alongside their partners and providing them with the support they need to succeed while considering the needs of their people is unique in today’s culture, and the difference it has made for our team at Essig is huge.”

For more information about P1 Service Group, please visit www.p1servicegroup.com. P1 Service Group is financially supported by River Sea Network and The Edgewater Funds.

About the P1 service group

Founded in 2021, P1 Service Group is a leading growth partner for home service businesses across the country. P1 supports its residential HVAC, plumbing and electrical partner companies with a “people first” approach, providing resources in the areas of recruitment, marketing, finance, training, leadership, acquisitions , business strategy, call center management, equipment pricing and procurement, and more. P1 partners with home service businesses in the range of $10 at $100 million in annual revenues that share the conviction of its mission. P1 believes that growth and profits are the result of satisfied and supported team members through a positive and thriving culture. For more information, please visit www.p1servicegroup.com.

About River Sea Network

River Sea Network, founded in 2020, is a private investment management company located in New York City. Although he pursues other strategies, River Sea currently invests committed capital in the residential heating and cooling industry. Following a transaction, River Sea provides capital investment, strategic advice, business consultation and human resources to help businesses achieve their full potential. For more information, visit www.rivverseanetwork.com.

About Edgewater Funds

The Edgewater Fund is a Chicagoprivate equity firm with over $3.0 billion capital commitments raised since 2001. Through Edgewater Growth Capital Partners, they partner with management to help accelerate the growth of their businesses. They are a flexible partner and can execute controlled and uncontrolled investments. please contact [email protected] for any questions or information.

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