PowerVolt Named One of the Top 10 Power Electronics Solution Providers by Manufacturing Technology Insights Magazine for 2022

The company is featured in a cover story for the magazine’s Power Electronics issue highlighting its advanced next-generation transformer technology

ADDISON, Ill., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Supply voltagea leading supplier of power transformers and linear DC power supplies, was named “Top 10 Power Electronics Solutions Provider” for 2022 by Overview of manufacturing technologies magazine. PowerVolt has been named to the publication’s annual list of “10 companies that are at the forefront of delivering power electronics solutions and transforming businesses”.

“We are honored to be recognized for our innovative leadership in the power electronics industry,” said Brij Sharma, founder, president and CEO of PowerVolt. Sharma and PowerVolt featured in cover story for publication Power electronics publish. The article highlights PowerVolt’s solutions for demanding field applications, including its work with a company that supplies welding products to its customers for the construction and repair of oil rigs around the world. .

PowerVolt was challenged to develop welding transformers that could withstand the rigors of extreme underwater conditions, while delivering superior performance and longer life cycles. Through its work on the project, PowerVolt designed compact, encapsulated transformers capable of operating seamlessly in the middle of seawater extremities. Through rigorous testing that mimicked the harsh underwater environment, PowerVolt proved the reliability of its transformers before delivering them to the customer. As a result of his work, PowerVolt was named the exclusive supplier of transformers to this welding equipment manufacturer.

As the Overview of manufacturing technologies points out the article, PowerVolt’s product portfolio is not limited to welding transformers. “In fact, its state-of-the-art transformers are operated by some of the largest OEMs across multiple industry verticals, including medical device companies, automakers, equipment manufacturers, and more.” The company’s transformers are also widely used in the HVAC industry for heating, ventilation and refrigeration equipment.

The article goes on to say, “What sets PowerVolt’s power systems apart is the fact that these transformers are vastly improved versions of anything currently available on the market, particularly in terms of safety, quality and performance.”

Based in the Chicago suburb of addison,Supply voltage and its subsidiaries, Wabash Transformer and Ensign Corporationhave design and manufacturing facilities in the Midwest (Illinois and Iowa), as well as offshore installations at China, Vietnam and Mexico. “Our facilities combine state-of-the-art manufacturing resources with the intuitiveness of our engineers to develop some of the best linear DC power supplies and power transformers,” Sharma said. Each facility is equipped with robust testing capabilities to implement rigorous quality and performance control of its end products.

The PowerVolt product portfolio includes Class 1 (general purpose), Class 2 control and power transformers with traditional steel cores optimized for 50 Hz to 500 Hz operation and ferrite and toroidal cores for frequencies above 500 Hz (up to 100 KHz). The company’s linear power transformers are especially preferred for industrial control applications, including power control for temperature, motor speed, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration systems, showrooms and even residential lighting.

The article highlights company employees who “live by Sharma’s inherent principles of hard work and commitment, aspiring to bring PowerVolt to the top of the transformer manufacturing industry through constant innovation.”

Click here to read the full article, which includes information about the company’s work to address the labor shortage challenge through automation and its strategies for overcoming growing material supply shortages through to a modernized supply chain workflow using analytics and forecasting capabilities. The article also examines PowerVolt’s work on “smart transformers” that could potentially take transformer technology to its next generation.

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About Power Volt
Established in 1973, Supply voltage is a leading manufacturer of power transformers and linear DC power supplies. The company is recognized and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and CE to demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements and dedication to quality standards. PowerVolt manufactures standard (off-the-shelf) and custom transformers and power supplies. The company has built a solid reputation for its high quality standards and reliable products. PowerVolt is part of the PowerVolt group which includes Wabash Transformer and Ensign Corporation.

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