USG launches free shuttle service for fall vacation – Annenberg Media

This may sound too good to be true for students planning to return home for the holidays: a shuttle directly to the LAX terminals will be provided free of charge to students.

Starting with the upcoming fall break, students won’t have to beg their friends to ride to LAX or drain their bank accounts with ride-sharing services.

The Undergraduate Government has launched the SCÜP pilot program, a free, “safe and sustainable” shuttle service that will run from USC to LAX. The free service will be available for the upcoming fall holidays on October 12-13 with a single pick-up location on McClintock Avenue between the football training ground and the track.

Carlo Di Bernardo, a senior transportation and engineering student, and Sarah Stienecker, a second-year political science student, worked with professors and professors to promote the launch of the shuttle with flyers on campus, publications on social media and a new QR code that will direct USC students to the SCÜP website.

Di Bernardo worked on this shuttle plan and hopes the shuttle can continually help students in the future.

“Funding has been released. There is a complete plan for the whole year. So it’s very exciting, and I really hope it’s something that can last,” said Di Bernardo.

The shuttle will also be accessible to students with disabilities, with Gold Coast Transit providing the 55-person buses to the university.

The buses are accessible to people using mobility devices and will accommodate wheelchairs, scooters and similar mobility devices, according to the Gold Coast Transit website. SCÜP buses will be equipped with free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, comfortable seats and luggage space.

The drivers of the shuttle initiative are accessibility, safety and sustainability. The shuttle will be free for all students during school vacations when trips to LAX are in high demand. Additionally, the shuttles will have a SCÜP representative on each bus, helping with luggage and keeping track of the number of students on the bus.

“By having a capture of a quarter of the student population, we estimate to reduce approximately 17,000 pounds of [carbon dioxide] more than 17 days of service, which is environmental sustainability,” said Di Bernardo.

Stienecker, a native of Los Angeles, recalled that upon arriving at USC, she was surprised to find that USC transportation did not offer shuttle service. She ended up spending hundreds of dollars on Ubers to and from her house, which inspired her to join Di Bernardo in his commute project.

“I was really excited to join the project and even more excited for this to actually happen. All day, I’m just super excited that people can finally get their tickets and be part of this amazing project,” Stienecker said.