Vandalism Causes Extensive Damage to Expo I’s Air Conditioning System | Crime

The vandalism caused extensive damage to the air conditioning system in the Expo I building at Clearfield Driving Park, said Greg Hallstrom, Clearfield County Fairground Manager.

In a phone interview, Hallstrom said that about three weeks ago the air conditioning unit was turned on in the Expo I building due to the heat.

He said it worked for about a day – then it stopped working. At first Hallstrom said they thought it was something small that needed fixing, but when someone was brought in to fix the system, it was discovered that the unit had been damaged after an unknown person attempted to steal parts from the unit. When the unit was ignited, it caused extensive damage to indoor and outdoor units, Hallstrom said.

Hallstrom said they don’t yet have an estimate of the cost to repair the air conditioning system.

Despite the damage, the Expo I building will be used for the next Clearfield County Fair. Hallstrom said the fair’s board secured a portable air conditioning unit for the building for the duration of the fair.

Hallstrom said it was not yet known when the air conditioning unit damage/theft occurred.

Last winter, a similar incident occurred when someone pulled the copper pipe from the Expo II building’s air conditioning unit as well as the copper wire from the lampposts in the grove, causing $20,000 in damage. . Hallstrom said it’s possible the vandalism at the Expo I building happened at the same time and they didn’t notice it until someone turned on the air conditioning.

Damage costs from the latest incident and last winter’s incident are covered by insurance, Hallstrom said.